Battlefield - Bad Company

Whereas CoD has you running off by yourself, drop-shooting, and camping with some twitch-shoot mechanics, Battlefield encompasses the features that made people play First Person Shooters to begin with-- the feeling of being in a fight. The graphics are not the best out there, but they're very solid, much better than the very first Bad Company which suffered from a rough result and low view-distance. One 2nd you can looking down your scope in the desert and see everything laid out plainly.

It's almost difficult to describe, but the sound in this game is unlike many shooters on the market, and really do contribute to the feel of a terrific battle. Unlike CoD games, every structure can be a shelter without minimizing the experience to conceal and seek. The blackhawk especially is a blast to ride in with a squad of buddies, and the helicopter controls are much smoother than in the last video game. The best ark aimbot can be found here .

The classes are now more balanced than in the past, and the experience each class can acquire while helping out colleagues gives team effort a bigger reward lacking in a lot of FPSs. Development is enhanced, as are advantages, but the modification isn't almost as substantial as in CoD games. Suppressors are limited to SMGs, but this offers the engineer kit a higher feel for its function. You cannot paint your weapon or tailor beyond including a 4x scope or a red dot sight. There is very little in the game making you feel as if your character is actually personalized, however the video game isn't about you. You're a little part of a bigger force, and the insignificance is pleasing. The hit boxes are much enhanced, and the hit marker has actually altered to the familiar one set by the CoD franchise, making weapons seem more responsive. Eventually, it provides the exact same pseudo-Battlefield feel that BC had, however it repairs most of the issues. It is the very best Battlefield experience a console player can get, while the brand-new mechanics and damage make it exceptionally practical for PC owners also ... a minimum of up until Battlefield 3 gets launched.

If you're anything like me and you tire of the run and weapon feel of current CoD and CoD clone video games, this video game will be a breath of fresh air. The project is about standard for contemporary FPSs, which is why I didn't explain, but the multiplayer has no equates to-- Bad Company actually remains in its own category. Have to own!